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Shell Part - Stay on fashion and keep updated on trends and let shells as a center of your style of fashion. If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant form of accessories shell part is set to assist you to make you stunning and adorable looks. Shell part has a wide variety products to offer like bangles, bracelets, brooches, buttons, chokers, earrings, pendants, hairclips, heishe, necklaces, ponytails, puka, components, belts,tattoo nylon, rings,kukui, shell tile, shell panel and other shell and wood products.

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As what they say home is an extension of our personal style of fashion. So let shell part products imparted your home decorations. With a cost-effective price, has a high quality standard and easy to install. Shell tile and shell panel are commonly used in wall and floor decorations. It is made of precious natural seashells or shell combination like mother of pearl or mop, capiz shell , paua , blacklip , brownlip , whitelip , yellowlip , abalone , black agate , troca , oyster, and any kinds of seashells or shell which is found in the island, Philippines.

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Perfect decorations for outdoor or indoor purposes specially door, window, wall, ceiling, table, chair, cabinet. Very demand use in five star hotels, condos, restaurants, and resorts in different countries around the world. We also have lights decorations like Home Lighting Products like Table Capiz Lamp Shades, Hanging Chandeliers or Wind chimes, jumbo size chandelier, capiz lotus chandelier, capiz globe chandelier and Floor Lamp Shades. It’s perfect for a interior designs for your home with this hottest and cheapest home lights decorations. Easy to install, affordable and no hassle.

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Capiz shells and mother of pearl shells are one of the most popular sea shell component and specimen and natural material that is used as a material in home wall decor and interior wall covering design of your home, building or offices beautiful and elegant. Personalized designs are also welcome. We assure you that our product has a high quality standard for export worldwide. Buy now and put up to your home just the way you want it with these beautiful and vibrant export products.

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Shell Part Gift Items - Shell parts is composed of many designs perfect for souvenir to our love one’s. And also, we offer perfect gift items like surfboards, phone cradles, brooches, key chains, wooden animals, jewelry boxes, miniatures, hand wood carving, wood handicraft, wood carving decoration, ethnic product decoration and more. All of these are originally made from natural sea shell and wood components.

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